December 25, 2019

Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 Plug-Ins Are Here! Automatically activate your fonts. Don’t have FontExplorer X® Pro 7?

Smarter, Simpler, More Efficient.

Why you should use FontExplorer X® Pro 7

Your Hub for All Your Fonts Automatically categorize your fonts based on three key factors: traditional classification, recommended use cases, and mood. Allows you to identify similar fonts within your collection, and will even make pairing suggestions.


Easier Than Ever – User Interface Improvements A long history of providing innovative new features in font management. Making it easier than ever to get the most out of your font collection, from launch, with smart defaults, plug-in support detection, and user interface improvements.

More Efficient

Quickly find fonts you recently activated or deactivated. Gives you new automations that will automatically organize your fonts based on classifications, and gives you insight into which fonts were recently activated and deactivated.